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Article 1 - Applicability

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by ItsMrMetaverse, and/or by any engaged third parties or employees (hereinafter referred to as "ItsMrMetaverse"), to or for a client, including a prospective contract party, as well as all contracts concluded between ItsMrMetaverse and a client.
  2. These terms and conditions are applicable from the moment ItsMrMetaverse has declared them applicable and/or ItsMrMetaverse carries out work on behalf of the client and/or from the moment ItsMrMetaverse has sent a "Reservation Message" to the (candidate) client. From that moment on, Web3 & Metaverse Consulting will carry out various (preparatory) tasks as part of the assignment or in preparation thereof.
  3. The present conditions take precedence over the (purchase) conditions used by the client.

Article 2 - Assignment

  1. Under assignment, we understand all services that ItsMrMetaverse provides, including advisory, presentation, moderation, negotiation, sales, coaching, and training activities and all supporting, related or further activities.
  2. The client refrains from acts that could obstruct the execution of the assignment by ItsMrMetaverse. However, the client is free to act according to their discretion regarding advice given by ItsMrMetaverse.
  3. The client shall provide all information to ItsMrMetaverse, which could be directly or indirectly influential in the execution of the assignment by ItsMrMetaverse and shall cooperate reasonably in this regard.
  4. The applicability of article 7:408 of the Dutch Civil Code is excluded. The agreement is concluded for the agreed duration and cannot be terminated prematurely by the client. However, if the client does go over to premature termination, or otherwise does not allow ItsMrMetaverse to carry out its activities, then the client owes the entire fee over the remaining contract duration.

Article 3 - Costs

  1. The costs reasonably incurred by ItsMrMetaverse and costs of third parties made on behalf of the client (such as travel and accommodation costs, costs of renting, leasing, or purchasing equipment) are for the client's account, in addition to the fee due to ItsMrMetaverse for the work.

Article 4 - Liability

  1. ITsMrMetaverse cannot be held liable by the client or by third parties for any damage resulting from (the execution of) the client's assignment, including damage to properties of the client or third parties unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of ItsMrMetaverse.

Article 5 - Training, Courses, Workshops, and Education

  1. A keynote, speaking assignment, training, course, workshop, program, or other forms of education – or the reservation thereof – can be canceled up to the fourteenth day after the sending of the (first) Reservation Message. The General Terms Act does not apply.
  2. In case of cancellation after the term mentioned in paragraph 1, the client owes 70% of the (quoted) price/ the quote, with a minimum of € 750, exclusive of VAT for assignments up to € 2500, and a minimum of € 2500, exclusive of VAT for assignments above that. The same applies if a cancellation occurs after a quote or contract of assignment has been signed by the client.
  3. ItsMrMetaverse can postpone or cancel a planned or reserved training, course, workshop, or other forms of education. In case of cancellation by ItsMrMetaverse, the agreed price will not be due by the client.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, the client provides a suitable and accessible location which has the necessary facilities. In the agreed price, only the fee of ItsMrMetaverse is included and no (other) costs or facilities, such as room rental, catering, course material, writing utensils, etc.

Article 6 - Disputes

  1. All disputes will be adjudicated by the competent court in Rotterdam.
  2. Dutch law is exclusively applicable.

Please note: We offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee when purchasing any online course. The client has the right to cancel the purchased course within 14 days of the date of purchase and receive a full refund. This refund will be processed within 30 days of the cancellation request. Please contact us for any questions or to request a refund through [email protected] or +31680184507.